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From many years of experience in many forms of dance we recommend the following products to enhance your ability to dance.

Knee Pads

These knee pads are an excellent way to protect the inside of your knee when performing knee drops in Locking or the “W’ position in Popping or Hip Hop dance.

Foam Roller

Foam rolling is an excellent way to release trigger points (knots) and  tension after a hard dance session, this could lead to improved performance and longevity during your time as a dancer.It’s also a great way to improve circulation.


Powerball is a great way to strengthen wrists and forearms to develop powerful wrist rolls for Locking and strengthening your arm pops.


Powerbreathe can help to improve your general fitness by strengthening the muscles that assist breathing. It can help to improve our overall stamina allowing us to dance longer.

Back Buddy

Release the knots by targeting trigger points to give your back the feeling of muscular freedom after your dance or fitness session

Black Sniper Ripcord (Extreme Tension) Resistance Band

Ripcords work the whole muscle, including the stabilizers, more effectively than free weights and machines. This means increased efficiency and a healthier, stronger, look and feel.

New Gym Exercise Fitness Ball 65cm (anti-Burst)
with Dual Action Hand Pump & Travel Sack

Here is an excellent way to improve your core strength and stability.
A 65cm Anti-Burst Exercise Gym Ball, complete with a Dual Action Hand Pump for rapid inflation, and a strong Draw-string Travel Sack to carry around your deflated ball

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