The History Of Locking

In 1970 at Trade Tech University a young man by the name of Don Campbell was in the cafeteria watching the popular dances of the time such as the Funky Chicken, The Sling, The Slide and many others. As Don tried to do these dances, he created his own unique way of doing them. The dances from the 70′s funk era are usually done in a smooth, loose funky manor. Don’s version had a sharper finish and was nicknamed the locks. Friends would say ” yo Campbell do the lock’s, and he would continue adding a sharp ‘STOP’ (The lock) . . .This was the birth of CAMPBELLOCKING.



Wrist twirls and points like he was pointing at friends along with knee drops giving himself five and half splits (which were performed by legendary dancers such as the Nicholas brothers in the 20′s & 30′s were also used. He would also add hat tricks and play with a handkerchief whilst dancing, this was known as the CAMPBELLOCKING style.
 Many people were impressed with don’s unique & stylish dress sense which was mashmellow shoes, long striped socks, trousers called knickers, colourful tops (sometimes striped) and suspenders (braces).

During this time there were many great party dancers and they all loved and watched don and his new dance, and then the CAMPBELLOCKING style became very popular within the funk clubs in Los Angeles. He got together with some friends Charles ‘Robot’ Washington, Johnny ‘Sambo lock’ Mc cloud & fred ‘rerun’ Berry and traveled the funky clubs with the funky CAMPBELLOCKING STYLE.

As very talented party dancers such as Jimmy ‘Scooby doo’ Foster & Greg Campbellock jr & Damita Jo Freeman watched don’s CAMPBELLOCKING style in awe, they would watch learn and copy don’s dance adding moves such as the muscleman pose (Up Lock) and the lock, which included the whole body, paying special attention to the torso (the funk!) Wrist twirls (rolls), & accurate points etc. The lock & Giving yourself five were some of the original moves of campbellocking but Other moves which are now known to locking were later added by Don Campbellock’s group THE LOCKERS. The LOCKERS consisted of seven members; Greg Campbellock jr who played an very important role in creating the vocabulary as we know it. Flukey Luke (whicha way/Leo walk inventor, shabbadoo, Mr. Penguin, slim the Robot, & Toni Basil. After Mr. Penguin left the group to pursue an acting career, Tony Go Go from the Group The Go Go Brothers was used as an alternate and performed with the group. Moves such as the Scooby Doo, the Stop’n'go & the Scoobot, were dances done at the time & were invented by Jimmy ‘scooby doo’ Foster.Woaw 2

Greg Campbellock jr brought these to the dance and the locking feel was added.

The History Of Popping The Electric Boogaloo Style

Popping & the Electric Boogaloo style; a dance style that originated in Fresno California during the mid to late seventies & was created by Sam Solomon (Boogaloo Sam). The styles are Popping, Boogaloo, Toy man, Scarecrow & Puppet style.

Popping involves contracting the neck, chest, arms, and extending the legs in time to music. Dances that were done previously such as Locking, The Jerk,The Twist, The Robot as well as characters from cartoons were all influences when Sam created these fabulous dance styles.

The History Of The Boogaloo Style

This dance was created by Boogaloo Sam and involves head, shoulder, hip & knee rolling with a very funky groove base that is constant. This style doesn’t have to involve Popping, even though this combination is sometimes seen. The mixing of one or more styles is called Boog Style.

The History Of The Toy Man Style

This character was created by Toy man Skeet (Albert Praetor who was a student of Boogaloo Sam and was in the original group the Electronic Boogaloo Lockers, this style is based on the Action Man figure that is ridged in movement but is anatomically correct.

The History Of The Scarecrow Style

The Scarecrow character was created by Boogaloo Sam with the inspiration coming from the Wizard of Oz. The style is mainly done with straight arms and side-to-side body angles.

The History Of The Puppet Style

The puppet style was created by Boogaloo Sam and is a very loose style that looks like a puppet on a string & works well when combined with the Boogaloo Style.





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