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Realness popping and locking classes are unique and Fred is available for workshops and classes both nationally and internationally. Please contact him for bookings or his diary dates of presentations.


Workshops are great ways of learning technique and being educated in specific elements. With Fred you will get a workshop that you never forget. Some of his previous students are in some of the worlds most popular acts like Cirque de Solaire and Flawless.


If you need a locking and popping choreographer Fred can cater for your needs. He is no stranger to creating shows and performances as he is the mastermind behind the Old Men Grooving shows and these run from 20 minutes to in excess of an hour.


As a seasoned lecturer in the some of London’s top universities. Fred is consistently educating and inspiring the youth of today in street style dances. He is very qualified to do this as he has been taught and worked alongside the original creators of some of the best street dance styles in  the world.

REALNESS IS First Class!

You do not have to be the best dancer to be taught by Fred. You just have to have passion. Most people who love to dance have this and that's what drives them to this specialised form of dance..

Classes& WORKSHOPS For AlL Levels

  • Fred Realness is the proud recipient of the The Carl Alan lifetime achievement award for services to street dance, and you can experience locking and popping dance classes with him and his team. 
  • These dances originated in Los Angeles and Fresno, California during the seventies Funk era, and gave their communities the ability to express themselves through music and dance.
  • We know that dance can improve your self-esteem and physical awareness and we intend to carry on the teachings and traditions passed down to us by the creators and pioneers of these dances styles.


“Undoubtedly The Best Classes”

After going on many courses and to many classes these are undoubtedly the best classes around.

Colin S. South London

“Fred Is Amazing”

“Fred is amazing at what he does not only does he play the best music he also will get up and dance and motivate with the crowd. . . and he’s in Old Men Grooving . . .So cool”Kardy Laguda

“He Teaches and Motivates”

I have been doing Fred’s class for a long time and he teaches and motivates and even makes us eat right.”

Jeni L. London








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