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Juice For Energy and Dance For Life

This is very important . . . to help with your nutrition for dance In

We Crushed It At Text Santa

It was a momentus day as we as the “kings of the jumpers” were in

8 Tips For Making a Healthy Change

We all need to make healthy changes in our lives and we forget this until

It All Started with A Christmas Jumper

Remember a time that many wouldn’t dare to wear a Christmas jumper? The stares that

How To Regain Your Cool As A Dancing Dad

Have you lost your Daddy Cool? . . .  and do you like music?  

The benefits of teaching kids how to dance.

For many years within the Arts, dance alongside art, drama and music, have played an

Street Dance Classes – All You Need To Know

First . . . play this video . . .   Most of us listen

Preparing For Dancing Auditions

Some Tips For Preparing For Dance Auditions There was a time when dancers did not

Are You A Dancing Dad Or A Couch Potato?

With the growing popularity of reality TV shows, becoming a TV celebrity has become a

What Is Britains Got Talent And Who Can Participate?

Britains Got Talent is a TV show which has  a tremendous popularity among people all